ROA BOD Ballot

ROA BOD Ballot

  • There are [3] candidate positions open this year. Votes must be cast no later than midnight April 19, 2020. Please vote for [3] candidates. An incomplete ballot will not be counted as a valid vote nor entered into the drawing. Your valid ballot will be entered into a drawing to receive one of this year's 2 semi-annual assessment prizes (if the winner has already paid, their money will be refunded to them). Only one ballot per family can be cast. The nominees are listed alphabetically rather than by incumbent status. Following are their bios:
  • Dr. Reuben Amamilo

    “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?” - Martin Luther King Jr. This is a request for consideration and an opportunity to serve and do something for others, “My DuPont Community.” My work experience extends from executive management leadership appointments in educational institutions, private sector, and presently with Washington State government, serving as Capital Projects Director. My education is in architecture, city and regional planning, project management and construction management. I served a 4-year, 2-terms member of the City of DuPont Planning Agency, citizen’s advisory group in early 2000. I chaired the advisory group for one term. I served as a citizen member of the Steilacoom School District #1, Strategic Planning Committee in early 2000. I am knowledgeably of public governing policies and implementation. My strengths are my ability to organize thoughts, focus on critical issues and areas of customer service, be sensitive to others opinions, develop relationships by building partnerships, build consensus and promote transparency.
  • Tom Duguay

    Hi my name is Tom Duguay. I’m a long time resident of DuPont first moving here in 1998 with my family. We have been both renters and owners at times in Northwest Landing. Currently we own a home in Parkview at Hoffman Hill I am currently serving on the board for the Parkview at Hoffman Hill association and NW Landing board of directors. I have also been active in the community completing both CERT training, Dupont Citizens Academy and attend Dupont Community connector meetings. I have a Bachelor of Science from City University, and I have served in the military both active duty Army, reserves, as well as Army and Air Guard, and understand the needs of this community for so many service members who live in DuPont. I continue in civil service serving others. During this time I was able to learn how to work with other people to get things done plan for the future and overcome obstacles. My goals for NW Landing are to maintain our high standards for our homes and common areas and retain our property values and quality of life. I would appreciate your consideration to let me continue serving on the NW Landing board of directors.
  • Drew Gordon

    My motivation to apply to the Northwest Landing Owners Association Board of Directors stems from my deep interest in the betterment of our community. During my long retirement process from the Army last year, my drive to give back to our city found me utilizing the extra time serving on the Board of our local Lions Club and consulting directly for the City of DuPont’s Board of Tourism. Upon completing my master's degree from UW Tacoma this May, I again seek to reapply myself back in the community to maintain our beautiful island city and advance its common good. As a recent addition to DuPont in 2017, newly separated Army officer and soon to be college graduate (again), I believe I bring a younger perspective to the Board. I remain intimately familiar with being a transient service member given my nine relocations along with being a first-time homeowner. With this application I am requesting the opportunity to step up and represent/engage with this demographic and life-phase by taking an active role on the Board representing 2,800 properties. Being only 1 of 5 board members to reflect this unique community is a challenge I heartily accept and request. I am committed to fostering a vibrant and healthy community and believe the best way to do this is via the Northwest Landing Owners Association Board of Directors. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to working for you.
  • Nikos Phipps

    I have been a proud resident of DuPont for 13 years, I’ve raised my children here and have volunteered for many of the ROA events and committees. I am well versed in the Resident Handbook and feel that I am an exact match for the professional that you want representing you on the ROA Board of Directors to help keep DuPont a great place to live and play. I am a Veteran with over 22 years of successful leadership and management experience in the United States Army Military Police, where I spent time as both Provost Marshall and Director of Emergency Services. My degree in International Relations has served me well as I have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to adapt and learn quickly. I am experienced in dealing with a diverse population and budgets. I am a team player with exceptional oral and written communication skills. I built homes to pay my way through college and understand how they are built from foundation to roof. I have been volunteering my time since retirement to many different organizations in our community. I volunteer at Steilacoom High School, on the City of DuPont Community Garden Operations Team, the ROA, and am a proud member of The Veterans of Foreign Wars to name a few. DuPont is a transitional city making it all the more important that we have a strong ROA board to ensure it remains a community that people want to move to and stay. I have many of the same questions you do about the ROA. I feel the best way to answer them for myself and you, is to get more involved. Please consider me for Board of Directors.
  • Mary Ricco

    My husband and I have been residents of NWL for the past 20 years. Prior to moving here, I worked in banking and customer service for over 20 years. I was interested in becoming involved in our new community after moving here and volunteered to serve on the Budget and Handbook Review Committee for four (4) years and then also served on the Property Improvement Committee for two (2) years. In 2007 I was selected to serve on the Board of Directors and have continued to serve, currently holding the position of President. Northwest Landing was established as a community with a small-town feel, with wonderful open spaces and offering family-friendly events for the residents that continue today. There has been growth and change over the years but it is important to see that some of the tenets on which NWL was established continue. As the community matures, it is important that we also maintain a strong financial foundation, with consistent attention to planning, maintenance and sustainability of these values. These are things I would like to continue working on as a member of the Board of Directors. It has been and would continue to be a privilege to serve the community of Northwest Landing.
  • Terry Smith

    My name is Terry Smith and I have lived in DuPont for almost 30 years, the last 6 in Northwest Landing. I work part time in DuPont as a Tax Preparer. I am retired from civil service having ended my career as a budget analyst. I was on the board at the Bluffs, in Lakewood where I was a co-owner on two rentals. I stayed on the board for 2 years before quitting since we were selling the units. At this time I am on the HOA board for Palisade Park Condominiums. I have had several years’ experience in researching questions, following funds, and answering to the homeowners. My goal would be to see better information sharing with homeowners. Thank you for considering me.
  • Jason Stearns

    I’m writing to formally request consideration for the Northwest Landing Board of Directors. I currently serve on two other boards. I am the member at large for the Courtyard on Capitol Hill and the Secretary for the Puget Sound Chapter of the American Society of Safety Professionals. I bring a lot of energy and passion to al of my endeavors. Some of my qualifications: • Highly knowledgably on construction practices and local regulatory compliance • Board experience for the last three years • Combat veteran • Technologically savvy with experience managing social media and branding • Attention to detail and big picture thinker