ROA BOD Ballot

ROA BOD Ballot

  • There are [3] candidate positions open this year. Votes must be cast no later than midnight April 21, 2021. Please vote for [3] candidates. An incomplete ballot will not be counted as a valid vote nor entered into the drawing. Your valid ballot will be entered into a drawing to receive one of this year's 2 semi-annual assessment prizes (if the winner has already paid, their money will be refunded to them). Only one ballot per family can be cast. The nominees are listed alphabetically rather than by incumbent status. Following are their bios:
  • April Allen

    My name is April Allen and I’ve been a homeowner in Northwest Landing for eleven years. My late husband retired from the Army here and we chose to stay and raise our children in DuPont. Much of the sense of community felt here is created by the ROA and its events. I also very much appreciate the standards to which our residents are held and the clean, safe atmosphere this creates in our city. I have prior experience as a volunteer serving as Vice President and Home Meet Coordinator for my daughter’s gymnastics team. In these positions, under the guidance of the bylaws, I planned and hosted gymnastics meets, raising money for the team and overseeing approximately one hundred volunteers. I believe clear communication and showing respect for others are foundational to good leadership. Our community had to adapt to many changes over the past year and our families missed many of the activities they enjoy. We, as a community, have been resilient though and supportive of each other and are finding ways to create new bonds. I believe the ROA board of directors will have a continued need for creativity and I look forward to the opportunity to serve. Thank you for your consideration.
  • Carman Ambrose

    I am interested in serving on the Residential Homeowners Association Board of Directors because I love our community. My family moved to DuPont in 2009 after living a few years in the surrounding area. We knew we wanted this special little town to be our home. The Army brought my family here, but we chose to stay even after my husband transitioned to a job in Seattle in 2012. The community is too wonderful to leave. I believe deeply in the importance of volunteering and have volunteered in various capacities my entire adult life. During our time in DuPont, I led a local Girl Scout troop that worked to expand the Chloe Clark School garden, I served on the Executive Board of M.O.M.S. Club of DuPont for 4 years, and I have volunteered countless hours in our schools. From trail clean ups to helping with communications on a local political campaign, I have enjoyed contributing to our wonderful community through volunteering over the nearly 12 years I have lived here. I look forward to serving DuPont in this new way, on the Residential Homeowners Association Board of Directors. Thank you for your consideration.
  • Francisca Beaver

    I would like to submit my name for consideration to serve on the Northwest Landing ROA Board of Directors. As a resident of DuPont since 1997 I have a vested, personal interest in working towards a united community and a strong association. I am organized, trustworthy and responsible and will always work towards solutions that are fair, equitable and to the benefit of the community. I will use the skills gained while serving in the US Army, working in corporate HR and owning two businesses in this community to bring balance, leadership and good judgment while serving on the board. I also bring a unique perspective as a long term resident who has witnessed the rapid growth of this city in the last 20 years. I really value the businesses and residents who work together to create such a great place to live and work. I believe no problem is too big or too small and will always listen to every viewpoint in order to make sure that we do the best job we can with the assets we are tasked to maintain and care for. I have enjoyed and appreciated my position on the current Board of Directors and hope to continue. Respectfully,
  • Mary Campbell

    I believe that we live in a “Gem of Puget Sound”. I would commit myself to this ROA. My desires would be to maintain the integrity of our neighborhood, build upon the foundation that is in place, stress the importance of family life in Dupont and continue to increase the value of properties. The trail system that we have is one of the selling points of Dupont. Public safety is a high priority for me. The parks and playgrounds in our neighborhood say that we care about our children and families. I would want to understand the budget and make sure we adhere to it. I believe that making sure homes continue to maintain their appearances is very important, especially when home seekers tour our city. As a military wife of 26 years, I have lived in several states and foreign countries and I pride myself on getting involved. I have been a volunteer on major philanthropic boards. My best job to date is being a grandmother. I love to golf, play bridge, travel, exercise and cook. Thank you.
  • Gabriel Garcia

    I am writing to you to express my interest in running for a position on the NWL ROA Board of Directors. I have been a member of this association for over ten years, and I believe I have the qualifications and skills to effectively serve on the Board and to assist in keeping this beloved community a great place to live in. Regarding qualifications, I believe that the following list of experiences have prepared me to serve in this role: Bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning from the University of Washington, Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Hawaii Pacific University, MBA from Hawaii Pacific University, 23 years of military experience as both an active duty sailor and as a spouse of an Army officer, and I have owned both primary and rental homes in Dupont during the past ten years. I am also well versed on the covenants, restrictions, and conditions (CC&Rs) as presented in the Northwest Landing Resident Handbook. I welcome this opportunity, and I would like for my name to be included on the ballot for the upcoming Board of Directors election. Sincerely,
  • Kate Lynch

    Hello! I would like to nominate myself for one of the positions on the Northwest Landing ROA board of directors. I moved to DuPont in 2004 and moved into the house I built in 2005. I retired from state government last year and continue to work as a photographer in DuPont. You may remember me as the longtime photographer for the Daddy Daughter Dance. I’ve also coordinated several activities for the City of DuPont, including the SequaliShoot Photo Challenge. I also teach a photography class for the city. From 2004 through 2007, I was a member of the MetroParks Tacoma Arts and Cultural Advisory Council, which I chaired in 2006 and 2007. I also served on the MetroParks Tacoma steering council for the South Tacoma community center (now called the STAR Center) from 2006 through 2009. I was a founding board member of the Tumwater Farmers Market, serving on the board from 2006 through 2009, then again in 2015. I am interested in serving on the NW Landing ROA board to help community members understand the role of the ROA and how we can all contribute to making DuPont the best place to live, work and play. I have worked in community relations and public information for the better part of 40 years. I hope that my experience would be an asset for communication among the board, staff, and members at large. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely,
  • Philip Sheridan

    My name is Philip Sheridan and I would appreciate your support for ROA Board Membership. I retired from military service in 1991 and settled in South Tacoma. After living in a “neighborhood of strangers” and watching it deteriorate for 9 years, my wife (KyoungSuk) and I found our dream location of Northwest Landing. We have been residents and homeowners in Northwest Landing for over 20 years. While our housing needs have changed in that time, currently in our third house, the two things that have remained constant are the high standards and sense of community we have found here. We liked it so much that it took no effort to convince our daughters and grandchildren to live here (hopefully, that gives me at least 3 votes). I am seeking this position to help maintain and grow this community, which is why we all moved here in the first place. I am familiar with the governing documents, CC&Rs and other community standards. I will bring a multi-generational viewpoint to the Board.