Saturday, June 22, Yard Sale Addresses >



This list will get you started! Some folks may have to cancel. Addresses are not deleted because they’ve already been shared in several places. Check Facebook groups for lots of other neighbors holding sales on June 22. 

1149 Aldrich Pl.                                 1873 McDonald Ave.

1167 Aldrich Pl.                                  2261 McDonald Ave.

1102 Bell Hill Pl.                                1742 McLeod Circle

1406 Brackenridge Ave.                   1746 McLeod Circle

1764 Brown Ave.                                2702 McNeil St.

1217 Burnside Pl.                               1985 Ogden Ave.

1279 Burnside Pl.                               1408 Palisade Blvd.

1932 Charles St.                                  1837 Palisade Blvd.

1160 Cosper St.                                    2012 Palisade Blvd.           

1306 Foreman Rd.                               2196 Palisade Blvd.

2835 Hannen St.                                  3424 Peterson St.

2847 Hannen St.                                  1549 Richmond Ave.

1100 Harrington Pl.                             1416 Rooklidge St.

1463 Heath Court                                 2095 Simmons St. Unit A

1854 Hoffman Hill Blvd.                     1653 Sinclair Dr.

3097 Hoffman Hill Blvd.                     1675 Sinclair Dr.

3520 Hoffman Hill Blvd.                     1556 Sinclair Dr.

1214 Hudson St.                                     3122 Shaw St.

1373 Hudson St.                                     2419 Tolmie Ave.

1412 Kincaid St.                                      2646 Wallace St.

3053 McAllister St.  

DOWNLOAD LIST: Yard Sales-06-22-24

Alley Sealcoating – Yehle Village – July 16-19

Alleys in part of Yehle Village north of McNeill will have asphalt sealcoated between Tuesday, July 16, and Friday, July 19. 

Plants in alleyways: After June 12, Premier Landcare will be trimming plants in the alleys so they are one foot from the asphalt. If you want these plants trimmed a certain way, please do so before June 12.

Alley entrances will have signs posted 24 hours in advance. Do not enter the alleys while work is underway.

Be sure your irrigation is turned off. Don’t water plants or wash vehicles near the alley at least 24 hours before sealing is scheduled. Alleys cannot be sealed if they are wet. 

Do not drive or walk on wet sealcoating. Please stay off the wet sealant – including vehicles – for at least 24 hours after sealcoating is completed. 

There will be no access to the alley or your garage entry for 24 hours after the sealant is applied. Please arrange to park on the street no later than 5 a.m. the day your alley work is scheduled. The contractor will remove signs and barricades when the work is complete, and alleys are open for travel.

Homeowners, please be sure to give this information to anyone living in your home, or your property manager. Homeowners may be charged for any damages to the new sealcoating.

Sealcoat Schedule – download map here to locate your address

Tuesday, July 16: Fisher Avenue and Braget Street

Wednesday, July 17: South side of Charles Street and north side of Bob’s Hollow between Garry Oaks Avenue and Wren Road, and alley on north side of Charles Street west of Garry Oaks Avenue

Thursday, July 18: Alleys on south side of Charles Street, west of Garry Oaks Avenue, and north side of Bob’s Hollow between Garry Oaks Avenue and Wallace Loop.