Who you gonna call?

Welcome to Northwest Landing!

Whether you recently purchased your home or are renting your home, most residents have the same questions about living in a large community development within a small city. When Northwest Landing began building, there were a little more than 600 people living in DuPont. The population in 2022 exceeded 10,000 with the majority living in Northwest Landing. All of the parks and trails were planned and developed by Weyerhaeuser Corp. Most, however, are now owned and managed by the City of DuPont. 

The Northwest Landing Residential Owners Association is managed by paid staff (currently four full-time employees), a volunteer board of directors, and a volunteer property improvement committee. 

The topics on this page are what we are frequently asked about. Visit our About Us page for more on governing documents and guides. 

Who you gonna call? 


Alleys are for ingress and egress – going in and out only. Alleys are owned by the Northwest Landing Residential Owners Association. To report issues in alleys – people parking in the alley or too close to the alley entry, playing in the alley, asphalt damage – call the ROA office. If someone is speeding in the alley or appears to be breaking into a property, call 911. Note: if a vehicle is parked too close to the alley entrance, LeMay Pierce Refuse trucks will not service homes on that alleyway. Please be sure to park no closer than 5 feet from an alley entrance. 


ROA-owned green spaces have red park benches. City parks have blue benches and picnic tables. If you see damaged benches, call the ROA if it’s a red bench, and the city if it’s a blue bench .


DuPont city code states that cats and dogs may not be “at large.” If your cat will walk on a leash or you have an enclosed area outdoors, kitty can be outside. DuPont has many wild animals living in the area, including coyotes, bald eagles, black bears, and raccoons. There have been many reports over the years of cats being injured or killed by resident wildlife. The city also requires all cats and dogs to be licensed, even if they are microchipped.


Chickens or any farm animal may not be kept on Northwest Landing properties. The City of DuPont allows chickens to be kept on properties in the Historic Village and El Rancho Madrona only.


DuPont city code states that cats and dogs may not be “at large” and all cats and dogs should be licensed with the city. Dogs are required to be on a leash unless at the dog park.  Be sure to pick up after your dog. Besides contributing to an unhealthy environment, pet waste ends up in area waterways, including Puget Sound. All city parks and many green spaces have bags and trash containers. To report a loose aggressive dog, call 911. Otherwise call Lakewood Animal Control at 253-830-5010. What about barking dogs? DuPont Municipal Code Chapter 7.11 says that habitually barking dogs are subject to a fine. To report, call the non-emergency number for DuPont Police: 253-287-4455.


Cars and and pickup trucks may be parked in the driveway, but not recreational vehicles or trailers. Please be sure vehicles are fully on your driveway and not blocking an alley or sidewalk. For homes with shared driveways, it is up to the adjacent neighbors to resolve any issues such as several vehicles blocking access to the shared driveway. If you rent the property, contact the property owner or manager. 


Are you planning to build or replace a fence? A Property Improvement request is required to build a fence. Have you seen a fence that has fallen down or is otherwise damaged? Report it to the ROA.


Many homeowners own fire bowls and barbecues. Follow manufacturer guidelines for how close either of these may be to your house, fence or vegetation. Generally, it’s recommended that fire bowls using wood fuel and charcoal-fired barbecues be a minimum of 10 feet from a house, fence, or vegetation. Many propane-fueled barbecues and fire bowls can be safely used about 3 feet from a structure or vegetation, and some are safe to use under a patio cover that is 80 inches or higher. Most homes in Northwest Landing have vinyl siding, which can be damaged or destroyed if a fire bowl or barbecue is too close. Check for burn bans – especially during summer months – with Puget Sound Clean Air Agency and Pierce County Fire Safety.  Also, it’s never okay to smoke out your neighbor. If you notice fire or smoke in an unsupervised fire bowl or pit, call DuPont Fire Department at 253-964-8414. Call 911 if there’s a fire. 

Garbage Collection

LeMay-Pierce County Refuse picks up garbage containers every Monday; recycle and yard waste containers every other Monday. You can download a phone app that will remind you of garbage and recycle pickup dates. Be sure to have containers in the alley (or the end of your driveway if your property does not have an alley) by 6 a.m. on collection day and remove them on Monday evening.  

Holiday Décor and Lights

Decorations, including lights, can be displayed a maximum of 30 days prior to a holiday and removed within 30 days after the holiday. Certain types of café string lights are allowed year-round but is not at the front of a home or front yard.  


Any and all property improvements – including painting, adding a tree, building/replacing a fence, replacing a roof or siding, adding a patio cover or central air conditioning – must be submitted to the Property Improvement Committee. There are certain paint colors and fence styles that may be used, for example, and others may not be used.


The standard for Northwest Landing is that front yards be 50% lawn – specifically grass. Fines for lawns that are not maintained are very common in Northwest Landing. If you do not own lawn care equipment (mower, edger, trimmer), it’s recommended that you contract with a landscape maintenance service as soon as possible after moving into your Northwest Landing home. There is also a misconception that it rains here all the time. In fact, it’s mostly dry and sunny in summer here, so it’s important to water lawns, shrubs, and trees. Northwest Landing rules allow lawns to “go golden” in summer, which means you don’t have to make it look like a golf course. However, you should plan to water lawns at least once a month, so the grass doesn’t die. Many shrubs and trees may need weekly watering.


Moss is very common here in Washington state but can damage and shorten the life of a roof and cause slipping/tripping hazards on sidewalks.

Neighbor Complaints

If your neighbor violates any covenant, condition, restriction, rule, or regulation of the association, please put your report in writing to . You may also drop it off or mail it to NWL ROA, 1495 Wilmington Drive, Suite 110, DuPont, WA 98327. If it is a condition that can be seen from the street, you can call 253-964-1289 to report it, and staff will visit the area and look at it. Please include your name, your address, quote the covenant, condition, restriction, rule, or regulation that you believe is being violated, the address where the issue exists, and the date and time you witnessed it.


There is no reserved parking on city streets for residents. If you believe a vehicle has been abandoned, especially if the license plate tabs are expired, call DuPont Police non-emergency phone: 253-287-4455. Parking personal or commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, mobile homes, boats or other watercraft, stored or inoperable vehicles, unlicensed vehicles, trailers, or other oversized vehicles in places other than designated parking areas or in enclosed garages is prohibited. This prohibition includes parking on front, side, back yards, or in alleys. Homeowners are allowed to temporarily park RVs, ATVs, boats, and trailers in their driveway for no more than 12 hours for the purpose of loading, unloading, and cleaning. Vehicles must fit on the driveway pad. The City of DuPont allows RVs, boats, trailers, and other watercraft to park on city streets for up to 4 hours. The city will grant a temporary permit to park these vehicles for up to 72 hours. Sign up here for City of DuPont temporary parking permit.

Power-gas and electric

Puget Sound Energy is the utility providing gas and electric service to Northwest Landing. Contact PSE about power outages. In case of electric or natural gas emergency, call 1-888-225-5773. If you suspect a gas leak, leave the area immediately and call 911.

Quiet Hours

DuPont City Code states that quiet hours be maintained between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. Call DuPont Police non-emergency phone 253-287-4455 to report. Chapter 9.09 Sound and Vibration 

Sewer system

Sewer service in DuPont is provided by Pierce County. Note: Pierce County places a lien on property owners who are 60 days overdue for bill payment.

Stormwater system

The stormwater system is managed by the City of DuPont, which maintains stormwater drains and stormwater ponds to reduce the amount of pollution flowing into area streams and Puget Sound. You may see street sweepers with “Puget Sound Starts here” written on the trucks. Keeping Puget Sound clean starts with managing stormwater. Helpful Stormwater Tips 

Sidewalks and Streets

All sidewalks and streets are owned by the City of DuPont. Contact Public Works with questions or concerns

Trails and woods

Most of these properties are owned by the City of DuPont. There are also several areas, especially along the ridge above Puget Sound, are part of the National Wildlife Refuge and are owned by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. There are also properties owned by the Nisqually Indian Tribe. Stay on designated trails and no camping or picnicking is allowed in the woodland areas, unless identified as a city park area. Please stay on designated trails – especially on the Wilkes Observatory Trail which is directly above the BNSF main railway line – DuPont Trail Safety Information. Maps can be viewed at City of DuPont Trail System


Most trees in parks and along roads are cared for by the City of DuPont. The exception would be trees in green spaces owned and maintained by the Northwest Landing Residential Owners Association. If a large tree falls in a public space (sidewalk, street), call 911 to report. If it’s on Northwest Landing property, we will be contacted by emergency services. Trees are protected in DuPont. If you need to remove a tree from your property, contact the city first. A city permit is required. If you are planting a tree, submit a Property Improvement request to the ROA. Tree Care Tips 


The water utility here is the City of DuPont. For questions or concerns about your water service, including damaged water mains, contact the city. You can also arrange to pay your water bill online or sign up for automatic payments.


Living in DuPont, you will see a variety of wildlife including squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, opossums, black-tailed deer, coyotes and, occasionally, black bears and cougars. There are no poisonous snakes in western Washington but there are east of the Cascade Mountains. Information about amphibians and reptiles. The only wild animals that require emergency response are black bears and cougars. Black bears have been spotted in yards and woods all over DuPont. If you spot a bear or cougar, call 911. Report a wild animal that is sick, injured or dead to Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.