Your Home Town Bulletin • April 2024


Information for new (and longtime) residents

Are you new to Northwest Landing? Even if you have lived here for several years, you may not know who to call – Northwest Landing or City of DuPont. Whether you are an owner or renter, there is information for you on the Northwest Landing website. A Who You Gonna Call webpage includes common topics our office gets questions about. Governing documents for the association are also available without logging into the members’ portal.

Alleys are for vehicles only

The ROA office has received reports of people driving in alleys and having trouble passing through because of everything from parked cars to remote toy cars. It is dangerous to do anything but drive slowly through our alleys. They are streets, after all, so don’t do anything in the alley that you wouldn’t do on our city streets. Stay safe when engaging in recreation, especially where vehicles are driving, including alleyways that have blind spots. If you have a concern about a particular neighbor in the community, we encourage you to knock on the door or leave a friendly note setting forth your safety concerns.


Planning additions to your home?

That really cool (and inexpensive) greenhouse or patio cover you want to install needs both a building permit from the City of DuPont and approval of your plan from the Northwest Landing Property Improvement Committee. You can find PIC project forms on the members-only intranet. After signing in, click on the “Documents” link, then “Property Improvement Committee Forms.” Be sure to allow a month in advance of your project start date. The City of DuPont requires a city permit for all accessory buildings (sheds, greenhouses), patio covers, roofing, and more. Visit the City Permits web page for details.


Reminder about trash pickup change

LeMay Pierce County Refuse now picks up garbage and yard waste one week; garbage and recycle the next week. Yard waste is no longer picked up the same day as recycle. Download the LeMay phone app and set up reminders for what gets picked up when.

Google Play app

 Apple app

Community Yard Sales 2024

Saturday, June 22, and Saturday, September 14, are the two dates yard sales may be held in Northwest Landing for 2024. Please note that yard sales are not sponsored by either the Northwest Landing ROA or the City of DuPont. Governing documents for Northwest Landing state that yard sales may be held two times a year and are announced by the ROA. We’re trying something new this year by offering to post addresses for people who are planning to hold a yard sale. Just addresses will be posted; no items for sale or contact information. To sign up, go to the Announcements page. 

Huge turnout for egg-citing hunt

THE Easter Bunny along with more than 100 volunteers from DuPont and Champion Centre Church stuffed 20,000 eggs with treats and hosted a whopping 1,500 egg hunters of all ages. The annual event is sponsored by Northwest Landing Residential Owners Association and was held March 23 at DuPont Powderworks Park. ROA Vice President Roy Coffey welcomed everyone with the Easter Bunny. Organizers reported that everybody left full of eggs and happiness. More photos at Champions Foundation. Click on each photo to see a larger view.



Northwest Landing Events





Register here for events

ROA Meetings

Board of Directors • 5:30 p.m. • Wednesday • April 17 • online via Zoom

Members are welcome to attend Board meetings but must make a reservation by April 10, 2024. Call 253-964-1289.

Annual Meeting • All Homeowners • 6 p.m. • April 24 • Reservations required: call 253-964-1289 or email  NOTE: there was a typo in the mailing that went to members. The annual meeting is April 24.

Property Improvement Committee – 5:30 p.m. – 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month

NOTE: Meeting dates are subject to change. Check the calendar on the homeowner’s portal. This committee reviews all exterior modifications, including painting, roofing, adding central air conditioning or solar panels, fences, sheds, patios, patio covers, decks, landscape renovations, adding or removing trees. Some projects may also require a city permit. Project forms can be downloaded from the homeowner’s portal on the website.

City of DuPont Events

Senior Lunch & Movie • Wednesday • April 10 • 11 a.m. • Cost is $10 plus tax, choice of several movies at Regal Martin Village Theaters in Lacey.

Senior Lunch at the Landing • Friday • April 19 • Patriot’s Landing • Cost is $12, registration required.

Chief Leschi Park Public Input • Your Voice Matters! • Saturday, April 13 • 9-11 a.m. at Powderworks Park AND Saturday, April 27 • 10-11 a.m. at Chief Leschi Park • DuPont City Council budgeted funds to make improvements at the park and wants to hear from DuPont residents.

DuPont Community Garden Spring Plant Sale • Saturday & Sunday • May 4-5 • 9 a.m.-1 p.m. • Powerline Road, off Center Drive near Creekside Apartments • plants, vegetable starts, hanging baskets 

Mother’s Day MarketSaturday • May 4 • 10 a.m.-3 p.m. • Clocktower Park

April Showers Bring May Flowers • Wednesday • May 15 • 2-3:15 p.m. or 3:15-4:30 p.m. • Mince Mercantile • Middle school event at Mince! Make spring crafts and indulge in special treats. Registration required, $15. 


DuPont Parks & Recreation Spring Classes:

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You can sign up for city email lists on a variety of topics including parks and recreation, public works, and city council news. Sign up for City of DuPont newsletters and alerts here

Help restore DuPont’s “dynamite train”

If you’ve ever hiked Sequalitchew Creek trail, you probably have learned that in addition to being a trail for many years (over 1,000 years!) it was also the rail line for DuPont’s “dynamite train” that transported explosives manufactured by DuPont from the factory to the DuPont Wharf at the bottom of the Sequalitchew Creek trail. The train can be seen at the DuPont Museum in the Historic Village. The Historical Society needs help to restore the train’s boxcar. Make a donation to the Train Fund by contacting the Historical Society at 253-820-3656 or .

Dear ROA

As a homeowner, I am aware of the requirement to maintain the grass that is near the street. However, I have some dog walkers in my neighborhood that are allowing their dogs to urinate on that grass repeatedly, even with signs posted to keep off the grass. I am trying to fix the grass from previous damage. I don’t know if people know this, but once one dog urinates in a particular spot, it attracts other dogs, which will concentrate the urine even more and eventually kill the grass. I have spent a lot of money on constant reseeding, fertilizing, and applying animal repellant, only to see dog owners continue to allow their dogs to come onto the grass where I am asking them not to. I have dogs of my own so I don’t hate dogs, but I’d appreciate more respect for my property. I’m at a point of considering temporary fencing around certain grass patches so that I can fix the damage done because the signs are being completely ignored by some dog owners. I have also seen dogs being walked off leash at night in my neighborhood. Are they not aware of the leash law in Dupont? Let’s be more respectful to each other, folks. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated on how I can bring my grass back to a healthy state. Thank you so much,

  • Frustrated Homeowner

Dear Frustrated,

This is a tough one! There is a city ordinance that we must pick up dog waste but, as you have noted, you have to catch dogs and their owners in the act. Many of our neighbors walk their dogs when it’s dark. And the city rule only applies to solid waste. It would be impossible to keep dogs from urinating on walks. Not to mention unenforceable. As for the area that you are trying to renovate and protect, please send a message to and let us know what you are planning. There are some good guides on the Internet about fixing urine damage. Watering the area right after a dog pees is one of the best fixes. There are also treatments sold by Scott and other companies. has suggestions on their website. Here are some others:

Dog Urine Damage – Colorado State University

How to Treat Urine Spots on Your Lawn – Wilco Farm Stores

As for dog owners walking their pets without a leash (which is illegal in DuPont), if you notice unleashed pets at certain times of the day, it would be worth a call to DuPont Police to report, either 253-287-4455 or 9-1-1 if it’s an emergency. Download and print DuPont Police Department contacts here.


April and May – best times for lawn renovation

WSU’s suggested spring timeline for fertilizing lawns in western Washington is November 15–December 7, April 15, June 15, and September 1.

To improve thin areas – aerate, overseed and top-dress with about ¼” compost – April/May or September are the best times. New lawns should be seeded in spring, prior to Memorial Day or in fall, after Labor Day. Choose a lawn seed suited to the Pacific Northwest – a fine fescue and perennial ryegrass mix based on your sun conditions. Check WSU resources for ways to control moss, clover, and dandelions in your lawn.

Gardening resources for Washington State – flower beds, fruits, lawns, pest management, and more.


Native Plant Sale at Tacoma Nature Center

 Every spring, the Tacoma Nature Center holds a native plant sale. There are many native plants that are wonderful additions to our gardens, don’t require extra water, and provide habitat for birds and bees. Pictured here are two native plants – salmonberry and red-flowering currant. Generally, when both are blooming is when migrating rufous hummingbirds return to Washington. Online sales are April 13-28. To see a tentative list of what will be for sale, visit the Spring Native Plant Sale website. You can purchase online and pick up plants May 4-6.

Can’t get to the University of Washington for the cherry blossoms?

You don’t have to drive to Seattle to see epic cherry blossoms. The photo on the left is from the Hoffman Hill Village. In another couple of weeks, there will be even more spectacular blooms in the Historic Village. Do you have some photos of Northwest Landing spring you’d like to share with neighbors? Send to and we’ll post on the website. 

If you have suggestions about plants and plant care for the bulletin, email